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‘BAAN, Inc’

Baan Entertainment is a Korean and Japanese Entertainment Corporation established in 2013 by Sir. Baan. Baan Entertainment is based on the performance and record business in Japan centered with Boy Band Tritops, which is a team formed by a leading representative of Baan-Hyun Moon. Starting 2017, Baan Entertainment had carrying more variety of entertainment content business including K-pop production, EDM artist contest, event management, broadcasting business area as a whole.


Footsteps of ‘BAAN, Inc’,going to the Next Level ofthe K POP

  • 2018 01 Change the name of Ban Entertainment Corporation
    Next Level Entertainment Merged
  • 2017 09 JTBC Reality Program Production
  • 07 Xietang Artist Contract
  • 2016 11 Single [Paradise] Japan Oricon Chart # 1
  • 2014 10 Single [Ainata (to you)] Japan Oricon Chart 2nd Established Ban Reed Entertainment Japan Corporation
  • 07 Tritops Artist Contract
    Founded a Korean corporation in Ban Reed Entertainment


baan Entertainment make producing business with producer line-up including lyrics,
compositions, arrangements, A&R, project management etc in China, Japan and Korea.
Zopd [In Stardom 3.0] A & R, Project Management, Toppdogg project management (2014)
10cm title ‘is spring good?’ music video production, DJ Soda mini album ‘kungfu dap’ (2016)
JTBC EDM Reality ‘Mix and The City’ music production (2017)



Baan Entertainment has a plan to produce a variety of artist contents, including Japan’s Boy
band group Tritops, and DJs in Asia



Baan Entertainment provide more relaxed performance environment to artists and more
accessible performances to Japanese Korean fans through the know-how of localized
performance agencies in Japan’s live performance market for many years.
Baan Entertainment Japan Ltd. is conducting a stable and successful live performance
project through the live performance infrastructure accumulated since its establishment in



Baan Entertainment has established the EDM content business in 2017 and is conducting
DJ agency business through collaboration with club and DJ business partners all over Asia
including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.



Ban Hyung Moon / CEO

Park Dong Su / VICE CEO